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Seasons & Species What We Catch At Pursue The Pull

The Apalachicola Bay, Apalachicola River and the Forgotten Coast are part of a unique, complex ecosystem. Nutrient-rich waters create a thriving biodiversity you'll rarely find anywhere else on earth. That makes it an angler's paradise. As fresh water feeds into the ocean, and salt water drifts back up the rivers, more than 100 different species of fish call these waters home. At Pursue the Pull, we help you find them. That means leaning on years of local knowledge, experience and expertise.

Our specialty species include the highly sought-after Tarpon and Redfish, with peak season landing late summer and early fall -- but with so many species to catch in so many different conditions and locales, there's world class fishing to be found year-round. Take a look at this chart to find out what popular targets are in season when you plan to visit. When you arrive for your trip, we'll discuss the day's conditions and recommend a plan for the most satisfying day on the water. Our skiff can take us from the open water of the coastal tidal flats to the muddy shallows of the backcountry and everywhere in between. No matter where the fish are, Pursue the Pull will get you there.

Crevalle Jack Available April through September. Peak season May through August.
Black Drum Available year round. Peak season April through September.
Redfish (Red Drum) Available year round. Peak season mid-March through November.
Pompano Available April through September.
Sea Trout (Speckled Trout) Availabile year round.
Sheepshead Available year round. Peak season April through November.
Tarpon Available mid-June through October. Peak season July through September.
Triple Tail Available May through October. Peak season June through September.

Why Join Us At Pursue The Pull For World-Class Fishing In Apalachicola?

Local expert and fishing guide Spencer Watson has been fishing in this diverse, beautiful region his whole life. In an industry where guides come and go with the fish, Watson is a rarity. He's dedicated his life to these remarkable waters, and he's ready to share his knowledge and experience with you. When you're fishing perhaps the most diverse and complex estuary in the nation, get on the water with someone who truly knows what's going on beneath the surface. Pursue the Pull promises a guided fishing experience in Apalachicola you won't find anywhere else.

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