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Other Species We Can Catch

Depending on the season of your visit, after a day of pulling on tarpon or reds and black drum, we can go search for the many other species of fish that we have in this gifted estuary. Numerous shark species, cobia, jacks, flounder, pompano and sheep's head make for a great way to end a memorable day on the water if the opportunity is there.

Jack Crevalle

Another of our migratory species, the Jack Crevalle likes to show up in our bays and on our flats between the months of May and September. They come through to devour schooled up Menhaden and other various baitfish. By far one of my favorites to watch, simply because they hit something with the intent to kill, almost ensuring a top water explosion!

Sea Trout / Speckled Trout

While on the pursuit for bigger things, we will have the opportunity to come across some "gator" trout (huge speckled trout) laid up in sand pits on the flats, against the banks and near docks ready to ambush their prey. The forgotten coast's tannic water and unpressured flats make the perfect home for this predator. If you seek huge "specks," this is a great place to come and get it done.

Triple Tail

Targeting triple tail is an awesome experience and definitely one to check off the list. These fish are migratory and have some really adverse adaptations making them a cool species to pursue. On the fly rod, it gives the angler a unique situation to present a fly to a fish that many don’t have the opportunity to catch. The fly presentation has to be in close proximity to their small mouths for them to eat it, making this species particularly challenging and fun.

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