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Guided Trips

Guided Fishing Trips For Tarpon, Redfish & Black Drum In Apalachicola

Whether you're an experienced angler or a total novice, there's so much to love about fishing in the Apalachicola area. It is a rich estuary where the saltwater of the sea and the fresh water from the Apalachicola river meet and mingle -- and that means thriving fish populations featuring dozens of desirable species to fish. At Pursue the Pull, Capt. Spencer Watson specializes in guiding your experience on the water hunting exotic sportfish like Tarpon, Redfish & Black Drum. A day on the water chasing these majestic specimens is sure to be a thrill. Best of all, you're sure to improve your fishing skills along the way.

Red Drum (aka redfish) and Black Drum are known to be found tailing in shallow water, on the hunt for their next meal. These fish often present picture-perfect opportunities to place a fly directly in their path and come tight with a bucket list flats species. Meanwhile, Tarpon are world renowned for those who love the thrill of the fight. Known for their ferocious fighting spirit, dazzling silver color and splashing acrobatics on the line, Tarpon are at the top of the list of trophy fish to commemorate the catch of a lifetime. With specimens able to exceed 100 pounds possible, there's little wonder the Tarpon is also known as "The Silver King." Beyond these staples, the waters of the Apalachicola River, Apalachicola Bay and other tributaries are home to a huge variety of beautiful, plentiful, and challenging fish. Season, weather and even time of day can affect where you'll find these fish, so go with someone who knows! Spencer Watson is a local expert with years of experience navigating these waters. He'll put that expertise to work for you -- so you enjoy a seriously memorable day of fishing. Give us a call to schedule your guided fishing trip with a true local guide and let us show you everything Apalachicola has to offer.

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