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Apalachicola, Florida is rich with history and culture, making this amazing fishery a destination worthy of your fishing bucket list. Through careful conservation, these waters and the surrounding area have been preserved over time; the estuarine waters filled with many rare, threatened, and endangered species. Boasting the largest forested floodplain in Florida, Apalachicola and its state parks allow you to see and feel Ole Florida in its original state, something harder and harder to find these days. There are not very many places left where you can have the flats all to yourself for the entire day, then kick back, eat oysters and listen to live music on the beach by sunset. From the spartina grass mazes to the white sand beaches, every inch of this place is special and allows the angler to not only fish but immerse themself in a one-of-a-kind coastal experience. Feel the pull of this remarkable place, and pursue it. We'll be glad to show you an unforgettable day, weekend or week of fishing.

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